Limitations of metal powder injection MIM technology

Date:2019/07/15Type:Company News


Metal powder injection molding (MIM) technology is a new type of powder metallurgy near net forming technology that metal powder injection molding manufacturers have introduced from the plastic injection molding industry. MIM technology is to select the metal powder and binder that meet the technical requirements of metal powder injection molding, and then mix the powder and binder into uniform feed by appropriate methods at a certain temperature. After granulation, the powder is injected into the molding, and the obtained molding billets are densified by sintering after degreasing. However, daehong's new materials found that metal powder injection molding MIM technology has certain limitations? The following small make up to introduce its limitations.

1, compared with powder metallurgy, metal powder injection molding technology of MIM material cost is higher, MIM technology requirement for raw material is higher, which means that the diameter of the metal powder should be smaller, in order to get better performance, need to be added in the process of MIM binder, metal powder injection and powder metallurgy don't need, therefore, the cost of metal powder injection molding technology is higher.

2, because the space of metal powder injection molding technology of furnace, using the technology to make the parts usually smaller, suitable for the size of the metal powder injection molding technology for 10 to 15 mm, such as the complex precision parts, precision components, micro gear, powder metallurgy powder metallurgy small module gear, etc., this is also the cause of the huge limitations of MIM technology.

3. Production factor. Because of the high cost of the mould, daehom new material thinks that the injection molding technology of metal powder is more suitable for mass production. Therefore, for some small size, complex shape but few metal parts, CNC may be more economical.

The above is about the limitations of metal powder injection molding technology sorted out by daehong new materials, hoping to help you choose more suitable production technology. If you want to know more about MIM technology of metal powder forming, you can pay attention to daewoo new materials.