Explain the core process difficulty of metal powder injection molding

Date:2019/07/08Type:Company News


The injection molding process of metal powder metallurgy is much better than powder pressing and precision casting because of its size complexity and mass production. So what are the core process difficulties of metal powder injection molding? The following big new material small make up for you to briefly explain:

First, the interface morphology control of the co-injection process. This problem is relatively simple for dual-color and synchronous co-injection, but in the co-injection molding of sandwich powder, two problems tend to occur. The first is the frontier breakthrough during MIM injection of metal powder, and the second is the core shell thickness at different positions of the product, which affects the performance of the product.

Second, after co-injection, metal powder injection molding manufacturers need to combine two different materials by co-sintering. However, the sintering and shrinkage behaviors of the two materials are different. In this way, the interface stress is generated due to inconsistent shrinkage in the sintering process, which leads to the decrease of interface bonding strength and cracking in serious cases.

To sum up, dahong new material powder co-injection molding technology provides a new idea for the design and development of functional parts, and opens up a new product type and market for the metal powder injection molding industry, which is the inevitable trend of the industry development in the future. However, the development of powder co-injection molding technology needs to solve two major problems: one is the morphology control of the co-injection process, and the other is the compatibility of the co-sintering of heterogeneous materials. On this basis, it is necessary to develop and accumulate MIM material systems and products suitable for co-injection and co-sintering in the future market competition.