Da Hong  is a professional product manufacturer and solution provider of metal powder injection molding (MIM). Da Hong new material provides customers with large quantities of high precision, complex shape, good performance, fine appearance and various metal material structures, functional parts and appearance, and also has the development ability of ceramic and titanium alloy, which can meet the needs of different types of customers. Da Hong has strong technical strength, has many domestic technical experts engaged in the industry for many years, and has also received technical support from foreign counterparts. Our technology team and marketing team are committed to providing customers with good solutions and quality services.

Management tenet: adhering to the core concept of "customer first, enterprising and innovation, solidarity and cooperation", dedicated to providing excellent products and services for customers, always keeping open, modest and innovative mentality, constantly seeking better solutions, creating a harmonious and respectful working atmosphere for employees, and providing business partners Fair, reasonable, fair and mutually beneficial cooperation platform enables the company to continue to develop and contribute to social and economic development.

Core values: quality assurance, customer first, initiative and innovation, solidarity and cooperation.


Quality policy: management science, technological innovation, excellence and customer satisfaction.

HSF guideline: abide by laws and regulations; strictly control checks; promise not to use all kinds of laws, instructions and prohibited substances required by customers.

The policy is to abide by the law and discipline, to prevent pollution, to save energy and reduce consumption, to continuously improve, to realize the well-being of employees and to contribute to the green environment.

EICC policy: protect staff, respect human rights, public trust, harmony and return to society; pay attention to health, cherish life, prevent mainly, reduce risk; integrity management, fair trade.